Kindness In Action

Welcome to Kiahelps is a platform that connects nonprofits, donors, and companies from all over the world to those in need. By leveraging the power of the Polygon network and our own KIATOKEN, we enable direct, transparent and efficient giving. With Kiahelps, nonprofits gain access to the funding and resources they need to serve their communities. Donors can make a direct impact, and companies can make a real difference through their CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) efforts. Join us in our mission to create a world where everyone has the opportunity to thrive. Brows more in to learn more and get involved.

Why KIA ?

  • Transparency & Immutability

    Every asset is recorded on the blockchain using the KIATOKEN ecosystem, an audit trail is provided to track where the token originated. This can assist not only with security and fraud prevention in exchange-related firms but also with verifying the legitimacy of the exchanged assets.

  • Lower Fees and Security

    Fast, Secured, time saver, Green, almost no transaction fee and much more features.

  • Community

    KIATOKEN is one of the fastest growing and most loved communities in cryptocurrency industry. we believe that only together we are strong. Community is everything and KIATOKEN strives to include everyone from around the globe.

  • Ease of use

    KIATOKEN is more valuable due to its ease of usage. All you need is a smartphone and access to the internet. By becoming a part of KIATOKEN, investors may quickly receive rewards.

  • Charity Campaigns

    People will participate in charity campaigns, advertised by our website using our token. Charity organizations also can contribute in our website to cooperate.

Our ecosystem

How simple Kia Works in our charity ecosystem?

1- KIATOKEN transcends geographical boundaries, enabling global participation in charitable campaigns. Individuals from anywhere in the world can use our token to contribute to various charitable initiatives.

2- Charitable organizations will establish dedicated wallets for their campaigns, and individuals can acquire KIATOKEN from both centralized (CEX) and decentralized (DEX) exchanges, directing their donations by sending the acquired tokens directly to the designated charity wallet.

3- KIATOKEN serves as a valuable instrument for charities and donation organizations, facilitating the transparent communication of the objectives behind charitable events.

4- Charity organizations convert the donated tokens into fiat currency through exchanges and allocate the resulting funds towards philanthropic endeavors.

About Us

The Most Interesting Token In The World.

KIATOKEN is a contemporary decentralized cryptocurrency platform built on the Polygon. KIATOKEN is meant to be a high-performance platform that can deliver a variety of services. We will provide a community-focused platform that will act as a bridge between donors and charity organizations.


Growing the KIATOKEN network by the people for the people


To be the world's most crypto-centric charity platform

All in one Ecosystem

Providing all facility under one umbrella


We motivate our token holders to take part in charity campaigns. KIATOKEN wants to encourage and inspire humanity and support charity organizations. We expect to help our impoverished community members worldwide. Our vision is to create a world in which every time you give money to charity and good causes you can have total trust that your funds are going exactly where you want them to be.

KIATOKEN Information

Token Name: KIATOKEN

Buy Tax: 0.00%           Sell Tax: 0.00%

Token Symbol : KIA

Network: Polygon

Smart Contract : 0x1a3c7d6cb66299F769040E6d4cf0C1945f6A2f32

Decimals : 18

Total Supply : 1,000,000,000

Max Supply: 1,000,000,000

KIA Smart Contract QR code  


  • PHASE 1 (Jan 2024-June 2024)

    Website Launch (Jan 2024):
    Launch a user-friendly website with comprehensive information about your project, tokenomics, and team.
    Token Launch (March 2024):
    Ensure a smooth and successful launch of your token, addressing any issues promptly.
    Airdrop (April 2024):
    Conduct an airdrop campaign to distribute tokens to a wider audience and attract new community members.
    Community Building (Ongoing):
    Engage with the community through social media platforms, including: YouTube Channel:
    Create and share videos about your project, tutorials, and updates.
    Share code repositories and involve the developer community.
    Facebook, Twitter, Medium, Instagram, LinkedIn:
    Regularly post updates, announcements, and engage with the community.

  • PHASE 2 (July 2024-Dec 2024)

    Marketing Push and Awareness (July 2024):
    Launch an extensive marketing campaign across social media platforms. Utilize YouTube for video content, share project updates on GitHub, and maintain active presence on Facebook, Twitter, Medium, Instagram, and LinkedIn.
    Telegram Community Growth (Ongoing):
    Aim to reach 5,000 Telegram members through targeted community engagement initiatives.
    Encourage discussions, polls, and community participation.
    Meme Development (Ongoing):
    Foster a meme culture within the community to increase engagement and virality.
    Website Integration with Smart Contract (Sep 2024):
    Connect your website with the smart contract to implement necessary functions accessible to users.
    Implement functionalities such as checking balances, transferring tokens, or other relevant actions.

  • PHASE 3 (Jan 2025-June 2025)

    Influencer Marketing Push (Jan 2025):
    Collaborate with influencers in the crypto space to amplify your project's reach.
    Listing on CMC and Coin Gecko (Feb 2025):
    Apply for and secure listings on CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko for increased visibility.
    Telegram Community Growth (Ongoing):
    Continue community-building efforts, aiming for 10,000 Telegram members.
    Token Holder Milestone (Mar 2025):
    Strive to achieve 10,000 token holders, showcasing growing interest and adoption.

  • PHASE 4 (July 2025-Dec 2025)

    Initial Twitter Calls (Aug 2025): Launch Twitter Spaces or similar initiatives to connect with the community directly.
    YouTube Influencers (Sep 2025):
    Engage with YouTube influencers for video reviews and coverage of your project.
    Community-Driven Memes (Ongoing):
    Encourage the community to create and share memes, maintaining an active and engaged user base.
    Listing on Additional Exchanges (Oct 2025):
    Pursue listings on additional reputable exchanges to increase liquidity and accessibility.